Online banking rbs business plan

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Bank your way

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RBS aims to move one million customers to new mobile bank - Forbes

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Royal bank of Scotland's divestment of of Williams & Glyn

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You must be 17+ living in the UK and be a full time student on at least a 2 year course at a UK University or College. You need to be 18 or over and.

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We are with you every day, explore our personal banking products including bank accounts, mortgages, loans, savings and more. We are the Royal Bank for Scotland. Start using Digital Banking to bank online with Royal Bank of Scotland. If you have not set Digital Banking up find out all you need to know to get you started banking online.

Europe has seen the first cohort of challenger banks (Atom Bank, Tandem Bank, Monzo, Starling Bank, Revolut, and N26) break out, collectively attracting $1B in funding and over M customers since Challenger banks first made in-roads with consumers who lost faith with institutional firms following the global financial crisis.

Activate your Digital Banking now. You will need your Customer Number and your Activation Code. You should have received these separately. Click the 'activate' button and enter the details - that’s it, you're all set up to go!

Online banking rbs business plan
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