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Individual Broadband Packages

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Mobile broadband whenever you need, wherever you are. An internet connection should be rootless so that you can remain mobile. You can now experience super-speed mobile broadband wherever you go with our fantastic data packages.

These super portable tablets are just AED and AED when you subscribe to My Data Plan Ultra so you can enjoy the superfast Etisalat network on an amazing screen whether you are at home, at work, on the road or relaxing with family and friends. With our wide variety of postpaid plans, you get great value for money with the lowest minutes, data and SMS rates in UAE.

You can also experience the convenience and flexibility of the new add-ons, which allow you to customise your plan according to your needs. Dec 29,  · The BlackBerry Bold smartphone will be available at all our business centers and outlets from the 29th December If you are already an Etisalat Blackberry customer you can upgrade to the new Bold for just AED 2,Author: EtisalatUAE.

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My business plan ultra etisalat online
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EtisalatUAE: New addition to the MyPlan handsets - BlackBerry® Bold™