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- Startups feature (highly) innovative technologies and/or business models - Startups have (strive for) a significant employee and/or sales growth * Some graphs might display rounding. Translating research findings into practice - A selection of German and • Importance of (early) business-related teaching in life science studies Business plan competitions (futureSAX Saxony), BioEmprenedorXII programme (Catalonia) Key Learnings from ETTBio.

Future Business Plan. Trying to write a future business plan?

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Every business plan, in a sense, is trying to predict the future, or at least to lay out some of the basic metrics that are true today so that readers can make intelligent assumptions about what the future might hold. To this end, you should collect as much market research as possible.

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futureSAX honoured the most exciting ideas in Saxony The Startup Competition focused again on innovative business ideas and founders.

67 individual founders, teams of founders or startup companies which are located in Saxony or plan to locate applied.

BusinessDesign Creating an Abundant Future of Opportunities Fueled by Art, Science and Technology. Saturday, November 26, EtherPad as the platform to write the first collaborative business ever done in Dresden for the business plan competition futureSAX (I think the site is only in German.

Futuresax business plan
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